Brandon and Brent Tate Born (November 22, 1991) better known as Brandon and Brent Baronis are American-born brothers with Caucasian, African American decent. They are currently wrestling at many different locations. They have known appearances with National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and United Wrestling Alliance (UWA) and also some USA Pro Wrestling. At the age of 16 Brandon and Brent started to travel with an old wrestling promotion to help with the event by setting up the ring and training before the shows, called UCW, that is no longer running anymore. After that met up with a local wrestler named Adam Huskey (Tyson Daley) who took them to a wrestling show out in Seymour, Tennessee called United Wrestling Alliance (UWA), they had their first match against Jason Maxx and Willie ''B'' Badd at the age of 16. They wrestled there for a while and started an angle down there against a few wrestlers in tag matches angles were formed by several wrestlers. One night Brandon Baronis had a singles match against Shawn Shultz, later that night Shawn Shultz met up with the twins Brandon and Brent backstage telling them that he would like for them to travel to Nashville with him and Tony lucassio for a TV taping for a wrestling promotion called National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) at the age of 17. Brandon and Brent Baronis were introduced to the wrestling promoter Mike Porter At National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). After taking a break from traveling to Nashville due to school, Brandon and Brent spoke to a legendary promoter of the town they grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. Terry Bundren (Terry Landell) is the owner along with Bob Orton Jr of a wrestling organization called Tennessee Mountain Wrestling (TMW), soon after, Brandon and Brent Baronis made there debuts back 4-24-2010 in the wrestling bussiness. Now the Baronis brothers no longer work for Tennessee Mountain Wrestling (TMW). They did a T.V. taping for National Wrestling Alliance "Mountain State Wrestling" (NWA).  Now with the Baronis Brothers doing there tv tapings in West Virginia they also have been working with former WWE wrestler under contract Devin Driscoll, for a show in Knoxville called Next Level Wrestling (NLW). It was then the Baronis Brothers went to TNA Impact Wrestlings developmental, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)  Febuary 5, 2012 to further there training Under Nick Dinsmore.  Now the Baronis Brothers wrestle for Ohio Valley Wrestling aswell as other independent promotions.

Members:                 Brandon Baronis
                                    Brent Baronis
Name(s):                  The Baronis Bro's
                                    The Palanaka's
                                    The Hawaiian Connection
Hights:                       Brandon 5 ft 7 in
                                     Brent 5 ft 6 in
Combined                 310 lb               
Weight:                      160 lb (Brandon)                                             
                                     150 lb (Brent)
Born:                          November 22, 1991 (age 20)
Hometown:               Knoxville, Tennessee
Resides:                    Knoxville, Tennessee
Billed from:               Knoxville, Tennessee
Trained by:               Nick Dinsmore "Eugene" (OVW)
Quotes:                      "its punch time!"
Finisher:                     "Space Jam"

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